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8 Nintendo Switch Ports We’d Rather See Before L.A. Noire


8 Nintendo Switch Ports We’d Rather See Before L.A. Noire

Where’s that Smash Bros. port, Nintendo?

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Dark Souls Trilogy

L.A. Noire

Fans of From Software’s Dark Souls trilogy were excited to see the developer’s name listed as third-party support for the Nintendo Switch during its reveal last year, but we’re still waiting for a formal announcement.

According to a rumor from gaming outlet Let’s Play Video Games last December, From Software actually already has a build of Dark Souls 3 running on the Switch that they feel comfortable with. Handled by a small team, the developer is supposedly still waiting on sales data to determine if re-releasing the game alongside its two prior entries would be financially viable.

We think Dark Souls would be a sweet match for Nintendo’s portable console, giving players the freedom to tackle quests over and over again without worrying about time constraints. After all, you’re going to be dying… a lot. Daunting levels might seem a little less intimidating when they can be taken with anywhere. It remains to be seen exactly what From Software has in store for Switch owners come next year, but the thought of seeing “You Died” in grim red writing on our Nintendo Switch has us super excited.

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