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10 Weird Mario Games You May Have Missed


10 Weird Mario Games You May Have Missed

Super Mario Shame.

When you’ve been around the block as many times as our boy here, you’re bound to take a strange turn every now and then. We’re all familiar with Mario’s eclectic selection of jobs throughout the years – including plumber, demolition expert, licensed(?) physician and gardening menace (how else would you describe his antics in Super Mario Bros. 2?)

But the perennial everyman isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty in other ways, and has built up quite a portfolio of unusual titles that didn’t receive as much fanfare as his better known exploits. Today, we’re taking a look at 10 of his more obscure games that you may have missed. In some cases, you’re probably better off for it, if we’re being perfectly honest.

Mario’s Game Gallery

Mario's Game Gallery

It seems as though Mario is fond of trials of skill and wits, and though he most often challenges opponents in the game of life, he isn’t above simply pulling out the card table and settling his differences in a good old fashioned game of parcheesi.

First released on PC in 1995, this Interplay title allowed children the opportunity to play against the dapperly dressed plumber in either checkers, dominoes, go fish, backgammon, or “yacht” – which was basically Yahtzee without the fear of Milton Bradley seeking royalty payments. I hear Hasbro goons not only break your thumbs, but they also come with easy assembly instructions and are appropriate for ages 7+.

The most significant thing about this game is that it was actually the first title that featured Charles Martinet as the voice of our beloved Mario. He spent most of his time instructing you how to play, encouraging you in ways that may or may not have been condescending, and telling terrible knock knock jokes. Why did they think that this was something Mario would be inclined to do? Pizza the heck outta me!

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