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10 of the Scariest Games to Play This Halloween


10 of the Scariest Games to Play This Halloween

The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 Gameplay Chapter 5

The easiest recommendation for a Halloween game this year is The Evil Within 2. It’s a popular new horror game and really delivers in terms of creating a world that sends chills up your spine. Crafting an eerie atmosphere is arguably one of the most important factors of a horror game and The Evil Within 2 definitely seems to have this at the forefront of the game’s design. Before you even approach your first enemy or get your hands on your first weapon, the game’s environment and tone will have you second guessing if you want to play the game alone. The Evil Within 2 makes great use of small eerie moments that creates the build up for the real scares. So be prepared for the small chills you’ll get from a mannequin head suddenly rolling down the stairs to the full on jump scares that catch you off guard as you make your way through the game.

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