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Overwatch Hero Mercy’s Resurrect Gets Nerfed in the Latest PTR Patch

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Overwatch Hero Mercy’s Resurrect Gets Nerfed in the Latest PTR Patch

Heroes never die… for a price.

Overwatch hero Mercy has been at both ends of the competitive scene. Right now, she reigns as the most-picked Support character in the game ever since her recent rework. Her new ultimate ability greatly amplifies her skills while granting her flight. That said, Blizzard has just nerfed her on the PTR – specifically the Resurrect ability.

Mercy can use Resurrect twice in a row by reviving a teammate, activating Valkyrie, and then bringing another ally back to life. Not to mention the fact that the ability’s cooldown is greatly reduced to 10 seconds throughout Valkyrie. On the PTR, her Resurrect no longer resets upon activating her ultimate ability. Similarly, the cooldown will now stay at 30 seconds.

In exchange for the nerf, Valkyrie now doubles Resurrect’s range. That way, she doesn’t have to be in harm’s way when trying to bring back a teammate from the front lines. These changes should still make Mercy fun to play without making her feel too powerful. Maybe other Overwatch support characters like Ana will get more picks if these changes hit the live servers.

You can test out the latest Mercy nerf by downloading the Overwatch PTR on PC.


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