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GT Sport vs. Forza 7: Which One Should You Buy?


GT Sport vs. Forza 7: Which One Should You Buy?

The battle of the beautiful racers.


GT Sport vs. Forza 7: Which One Should You Buy?

Forza Motorsport 7

October is a great month for motorsport fans as Microsoft and Sony’s exclusive racers go head-to-head. Of course, for those lucky players who are able to play both games, they may be wondering which one comes out on top as the overall better experience. To give you a helping hand in the decision-making process, we’re going to run through a number of aspects of the two titles to see which one reigns supreme by the end. So what better place to start than the overall gameplay?

Both GT Sport and Forza 7 retain the same quality level of racing gameplay that each of the series is known for. The roster of cars in each title feels varied and each vehicle feels uniquely different. Outside of the varied handling of the cars, however, each title brings a little extra something to the gameplay.

For GT Sport, its weight transfer makes cars feel realistic and a real nightmare in corners and during heavy braking. Forza 7, on the other hand, really put the focus on dynamic weather and how this affects not only the visuals, but the way in which cars handle, too. What you’re left with is two titles that really push the genre forward in terms of realistic racing experiences. In that regard, you’re not going to find that one title is vastly better than the other. Both have a ton of customization and tuning options for petrolheads to dive into, and the on-the-track gameplay is solid in both.

Gran Turismo Sport does have a few niggling issues, though. First, you’ll need to be online and have a consistent, quality connection in order to do just about anything in the game. Also, as we’ve seen from the series for quite some time now, collision effects are still feeling a little dated in comparison to the likes of Forza 7 and Project Cars 2. Though by no means dealbreakers, they’re enough to just give Forza 7 the edge in this round.

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