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10 Games to Get You Hyped for Friday the 13th


10 Games to Get You Hyped for Friday the 13th

The most wonderful time of the year.

The Evil Within


The best day of the year is finally here. Friday the 13th this year brings with it many horror vibes just in time for Halloween in a couple of weeks. Games with randomization elements will take precedence here, as these titles can quickly turn any play session into a harrowing, unlucky experience.

The Evil Within lives up to its name, as players will find that many nightmares are in store for them once they begin the adventure. Following detective Sebastian Castellanos as he arrives at a gruesome mass murder scene, enemies include the Pyramid Head-inspired ax wielder dubbed “The Keeper,” a mysterious, hooded figure called “Doppleganer,” a many-armed, crawling demon named “Laura,” and all the various iterations of the Haunted.

Keeping all the monsters listed above in mind, The Evil Within makes matters worse by randomizing the amount of ammo and green gel found within lockers. Seeing as how the game keeps fans on their toes for most of its duration, there’s no telling what lies around the corner, so having ammo and health is paramount at all times. Fans of the horror genre can expect nothing else from the creator of Resident Evil. It’s so fitting that the game’s sequel comes out on this year’s Friday the 13th.

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