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The Evil Within 2: How to Get Green Gel Easily


The Evil Within 2: How to Get Green Gel Easily

Upgrade juice.

Getting Green Gel in The Evil Within 2

Green Gel is a resource in The Evil Within 2 that allows Sebastian to purchase character upgrades from Tatiana. These are pretty important as they let you boost Sebastian’s health, stamina, recovery, combat, and stealth abilities. Thankfully, Green Gel is relatively easy to obtain in the game. Listed below are some ways you can get Green Gel easily:

Killing enemies – Every enemy has a chance of dropping Green Gel that you can scoop up after killing them. The tougher enemy types like Hysterics and Laments, as well as the chunkier Lost enemies, will always drop Gel. The regular enemy types have a lower chance of dropping them. It’s definitely worth scouring the residential and business areas for easy enemy kills whenever you can.

Check vending machines – The Fuji Dew vending machine outside of the auto repair shop will give you free Green Gel when you hit it. You can only do this three times.

Hitting up the Shooting Range – Starting in chapter four, you’ll have access to the Shooting Range in Sebastian’s room. The various shooting practices will offer up rewards like weapon parts, crafting materials, and Green Gel. Try to beat your best scores to get the rewards.

Other than that, you can also obtain Gel from opening lockers in Tatiana’s office.

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