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5 Best Multiplayer and Co-Op Games of September 2017


5 Best Multiplayer and Co-Op Games of September 2017

Who says you have to play alone?


cuphead, xbox one, september 2017

Cuphead is a gorgeous, hand-animated side-scroller that released this month for both Xbox One and PC. Its development first began in 2010, and the game’s art style mimics the old-school animation techniques of the 1930s. It was highly anticipated the last couple years, and finally released at the end of this month on Sept. 29.

Although the entire game can be played in single-player, there is also a co-op mode available where player two can play as protagonist Cuphead’s brother Mugman. The levels are broken into three types: run and gun where you progress like a normal side-scroller, boss battles, and a combination of both when boss battles feature several platforms to traverse around the level while you try and take them down.

Sometimes having a buddy to play as Mugman can come as an advantage, but other times it can clutter the screen and make it harder to figure out where to dodge and shoot with two player frantically jumping around the levels. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for a fun yet challenging game to play with a friend, Cuphead is the perfect title to spend some hours on together.

Hopefully in the future it will come to PS4 too so the Sony fans can enjoy it as well.

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