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5 Mario Games to Play While Waiting for Odyssey


5 Mario Games to Play While Waiting for Odyssey

Just can’t wait for Mario Odyssey? Try these games to help pass the time.

Super Mario 64


Why not go back to where the 3D platformer genre practically began with Super Mario 64. It wasn’t the very first 3D platformer; Jumping Flash predates it by over a year. But it was the game that set the standard for the genre, and the game that inspired an entire generation of 3D platformers and more. It was a revolution. If it weren’t for Super Mario 64, there wouldn’t be a Super Mario Odyssey.

However, it wasn’t just important for its time period, as it’s still considered one of the best games of all time. Set in Peach’s castle, Mario is tasked with obtaining the missing power stars. In order to do this, he must traverse through the castle’s many paintings, defeat Bowser’s minions, and discover many secrets. The levels are designed in a way that you don’t have to strictly stick to the objective laid out in front of you. If you’re tasked with defeating Big Bob-omb you can grab the eight red coins instead, or set the chain-chomp free. It’s short enough that you could likely complete it before Super Mario Odyssey is released.

Super Mario 64 is available to download on Wii U and Wii. If you have a 3DS, you could buy a physical copy of Super Mario 64 DS  which has upgrades like some extra characters and extra stars to collect.

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