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Harmonix’s DropMix Gets a Steep Discount From Barnes and Noble


Harmonix’s DropMix Gets a Steep Discount From Barnes and Noble

Test out your DJ-ing skills.

Harmonix’s Dropmix may have just released recently, but that hasn’t stopped Barnes and Noble from offering a mega deal on the new rhythm game. Right now you can get the game board starter kit for $69.96, down $30 from the game’s normal price at the bookseller, which is a pretty deep discount for the game being so new.

For the uninitiated, DropMix combines the magic of board games, Doing, rhythm gaming, and collectible card games for a smart new way to tweak music and create new tracks. Players compete to create the highest-scoring track that’s possible from the cards you’re dealt (literally.) Cards sample songs from everyone from Disturbed to Bruno Mars, and you can use the different cards to put things together to make entirely new songs.

It looks like an absolute blast, and Harmonix knows their stuff when it comes to music and putting together unique mixes. If you’re hankering for some new rhythm gaming since Rock Band 4 doesn’t get songs quickly enough and you can’t just use your own, DropMix looks like the next best thing in lieu of a new DJ Hero reboot.


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