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The 7 Biggest Announcements From Tokyo Game Show 2017


The 7 Biggest Announcements From Tokyo Game Show 2017

All the news you need to know.

Shin Megami Tensei News Coming Soon

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While speculation about a Catherine sequel announcement didn’t materialize, Atlus did at least vow to give us an update about Shin Megami Tensei for Switch in the very near future. It might not technically be a big announcement in its own right, but the prospect of Shin Megami Tensei on Switch is a huge deal and could very well have a big impact on the console’s continued success moving forward. The franchise is, of course, a best seller on 3DS, and now looks to make its new home on Switch. From what we saw back at E3, the upcoming new entry in the series looks very intriguing, with its mysterious character art and foreboding music.

Atlus teased the forthcoming news during its “Atlus Live Special #1: Megaton Feature.” After showing the same teaser image that was released back at the Nintendo Switch stage reveal back in March, an image appeared confirming that new information about the upcoming Shin Megami Tensei game will be shared on October 23. It’s worth noting that Atlus did mention that the game had only just entered development at the time of Switch’s reveal, so it’s fair to assume that the game isn’t too far along and perhaps explains why there isn’t much to share at this time.

Coincidentally, the “Shin Megami Tensei 25th Anniversary Live – Chaos Side” concert will also be held on October 23. The event will feature special guest performances by Atlus composers Shoji Meguro and Ryota Kozuka.

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