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New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announcements Appear During Nintendo Direct


New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Announcements Appear During Nintendo Direct

More Ultra Beasts!

Pokemon trainers prepare for the next chapter of your PokeAdventures to begin! New Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon details were unveiled during today’s Nintendo Direct and the information was broken down into four main categories — New key details about the Sun and Moon story, new locations and clothing, gifts for early buyers, and the announcement of two unknown Ultra Beasts.

The Nintendo Direct opened up by uncovering some big news in the Pokemon world. The legendary Pokemon Necrozma has transformed into two new forms — Dusk Mane Necrozma and Dawn Wings Necrozma. The different between the two forms is about more than just appearance and type. Dusk Mane Necrozma managed to take over Solgaleo while Dawn Wings Necrozma took over Lunala. Nintendo promises that Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will have an epic story unfolding throughout the player’s journey and we have our fingers crossed that the plot will actually live up to the hype.

Other Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon announcements didn’t really come as much of a surprise. As expected, players will be able to explore brand new areas while also enjoying a collection of new character customization options. To be honest, we were hardly impressed by Sun and Moon’s collection of outfits for trainers so while new outfits don’t come as a surprise, they do sound like a welcomed addition to the game.

But a few new outfits are nothing compared to the tease of two new Ultra Beasts. Ultra Beasts were a new addition to the Pokemon series that made their debut during Sun and Moon. Now the game will be welcoming two new Ultra Beasts that are currently only being referred to by the code names UB Assembly and UB Burst.

While news about the upcoming games is a delight for any die hard Pokemon fan, there wasn’t much to really generate a substantial hype train so far. If you are already sold, however, you should know that Nintendo will be dishing out some gifts for player who buy in early. Gamers who purchase and activate Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon by January 10 will get a special gift Rockruff that can evolve into a Dusk Form Lycanroc.

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