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PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win September


PS Plus vs. Xbox Games With Gold: Which Free Games Win September

The contest continues.

1: PlayStation Instant Games Collection


It’s officially September, which means that fall is right around the corner. Destiny 2 will tide fans over until a tidal wave of games hits in early October and keeps going until Christmas, with free games to fill out the space in between. Both Sony and Microsoft have put together a great slate of free games this month, exposing gamers to AAA and indie titles that they might have overlooked before. There are a lot of savings in store, but only one system can come out on top. Will it be Xbox or PlayStation? Who will win the month of September?

Let’s start with the PlayStation games on offer and their original prices:


inFamous: Second Son ($21.99)

Strike Vector Ex ($19.99)


Truck Racer ($9.99)

Handball 16 ($19.99)

PS Vita

We Are Doomed ($9.99)

Hatoful Boyfriend ($9.99)

PlayStation is offering some fantastic titles for September. Starting things off with inFamous: Second Son is a strong move on Sony’s part. It was one of the best games released during the PS4’s launch window, giving players a massive sandbox to explore, not to mention the three unique sets of superpowers. Speeding through Seattle utilizing strange and imaginative abilities doesn’t get old, especially with so many activities sprinkled throughout the city to take on.

Strike Vector EX is an aerial combat game where the player straps into a deadly machine know as a Vector. They race through the air, taking on enemies and destroying any enemy craft that comes their way. It’s incredibly fast-paced and a change of pace from other flight simulators.

The PS3 has two smaller titles on offer for those still on the platform. Truck Racer is exactly what it sounds like. You race semi-trucks through colorful tracks, drifting and drafting your way to victory. Of course, it’s a little more complicated than other games because you’re driving such a massive machine, but that’s what sets it apart from other racers.

In Handball 2016 you assemble a team, hit the court, and play some handball. For those not familiar: it’s a strange mix of basketball and soccer. It’s a straightforward title with plenty of room to learn tactics. If nothing else it’ll serve as a mindless distraction great for unwinding.

While no big titles are hitting the powerful PS Vita portable right now, it still gets some great indie games. We Are Doomed is a fun, psychedelic shoot ‘em up. Your weapon juts out from your character, slicing through everything in your path, but the screen is eventually covered in enemies, making for a very difficult game. Hatoful Boyfriend fits into another niche altogether. This dating game has you starting relationships with various pigeons. You can choose to see them in their human forms, but what fun is that? It’s a ridiculous yet addictive game that is brimming with laughs.

For the month of September, PlayStation’s savings come to $92.

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