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Destiny 2: Where the Loot Cave Is and How to Use It


Destiny 2: Where the Loot Cave Is and How to Use It

Stand and shoot.

Using the Loot Cave in Destiny 2

Just like in the first game, Destiny 2 also has its very own loot cave, though we’ve found it to be a lot less effective than its predecessor in our experience. YouTuber and streamer Primitive AK discovered this particular location in the EDZ, where players can essentially stand in front of a cave and gun down enemies while farming for engrams. You can check out the video down below for yourself.

What you want to do is spawn at the Sludge on the EDZ. The loot cave will be located to your left, in a small crevice in the cliff face. However, make sure not to kill the elite captain inside the cave, as killing him will stop all adds from spawning. While the loot cave is pretty effective for players who don’t want to run strikes, we did find that trying to get adds to spawn from the cave was very inconsistent. There were occasions where we had to reload the instance multiple times before we could start seeing enemies emerge from the cave, so strikes are definitely the way to go if you want to get your engrams quickly.

Be sure to check our Destiny 2 wiki for more information on the game.

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