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Destiny 2: Is There Raid Matchmaking?


Destiny 2: Is There Raid Matchmaking?

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Is There Raid Matchmaking in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2’s very first raid, Leviathan, will be going live on September 13 at 10am PT. If you don’t have a clan or five other friends (at the right Power level, no less), but would like to try out the raid, you might feel like you’re in a bit of a bind. However, while Destiny 2 doesn’t actually feature a matchmaking system for the raid, you can still make use of the Guided Games feature to find a group to play with.

At the time of writing, the clan and Guided Games features don’t seem to be available in the game just yet. However, these features should allow solo players to use in-game tools to search for groups or clans that have open spots, and are looking for members to join them on the raid. Similarly, if you’re in a group and you’re just looking for one more person to fill out your team of six, you can also make use of this feature to post your group information to let players know that you’re recruiting.

The Guided Games feature isn’t just for matchmaking for raids; Bungie has stated that you can use it for all end game content, including the Nightfall.

Be sure to check back with our Destiny 2 wiki for more information on the game.

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