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Destiny 2: Is There Mod Support on Xbox One?


Destiny 2: Is There Mod Support on Xbox One?

Is There Mod Support on Xbox One for Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is doing a lot of things new, and part of that is launching on PC (though at a later date than on consoles). With a PC release on the horizon, many players have been wondering if there is any mod support available or coming to Destiny 2 so they can make their own weapons, design some sick armor, or perhaps remove that one exotic rule (we’ve all been wanting that). They’ve also been wondering if said desired mod support would be coming to the Xbox One or any other platform for that matter.

Unfortunately, there will be no mod support for Destiny 2 on Xbox One, PS4, or PC. Destiny 2 is an always online game whose progression is shared between PvE and PvP. Mod support of any type would provide an unfair advantage to users while playing, and with balancing already being a nightmare to contend with in shooters, the last thing Bungie wants are some more imbalances being thrust into the experience.

This also applies to mods that only provide aesthetic changes. Even though they don’t give new perks or powers, they’re still barred because anything that changes the game in any way is barred. Bungie hasn’t stated if they’d allow modding in the future, though it would be neat to allow after Destiny 3 eventually rolls along. For now, however, mod support on Xbox One and other platforms remains a pipe dream.

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