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Destiny 2: Is There Mod Support on PC?


Destiny 2: Is There Mod Support on PC?

Is There Mod Support in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 is a sequel to the huge shared-world shooter from Bungie, but it’s also the first entry to actually release on PC. With the new platform, many prospective guardians are wondering if there is mod support of any type.

Unfortunately, when it comes to outside modding or anything that changes the game in any way, there is no mod support on PC or any other platform for that matter. Destiny 2 is an always online experience and your character is used for PvE and PvP. Mods would break the balance of the setup, giving some users an unfair advantage over others, even if it’s something minor.

Bungie hasn’t stated if they would allow modding of some type for Destiny 2 in the future, though. Perhaps they’ll allow for some aesthetic things like weapon skins, or armor enhancements. But for now, you can’t change anything in the game. You’re going to have to make do with the “mods” present in the game which allow you to change the colors of certain gear as well as add perks. We know it’s not nearly the same thing, but Bungie seems adamant about keeping the game the same for everyone.

If something does change when it comes to mod support we’ll be sure to let you know.

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