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Destiny 2: How to Get Ready For the Raid


Destiny 2: How to Get Ready For the Raid

Step 1: Beat the Story and Level Up to 265 Power

How to Get Ready for Destiny 2’s Raid

Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid is almost upon us, and Guardians around the world are working hard to prepare. While nobody knows exactly what challenges lie in wait for us and our respective Fireteams, we can take some steps to prepare. And the first of those is to beat Destiny 2’s story and boost up to 265 Power.

Beating the story unlocks a lot of nifty new quests and vendors, as well as some useful activities which we’ll get to shortly. Boosting up to 265, or as close to it as possible, is the real important part of this step though. While the recommended Light for the raid is 260-280, 265 will cap your engrams at 260. So, reaching 265 will let the next step boost you higher because it increases the Power of later rewards.

A good way to farm in order to get to 265 is to run non-stop public events. You have even better chances at getting some more loot if you run a Fireteam Medallion and go for Heroic triggers. This will provide a steady stream of rare (blue) drops, with a dash of legendary (purple) and exotic (yellow) drops every now and then. Once you’re above 260, it’s time to start thinking weekly.

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