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7 Must-Have Exotic Destiny 2 Weapons For the Leviathan Raid


7 Must-Have Exotic Destiny 2 Weapons For the Leviathan Raid

For the toughest challenge, you need the strongest weapons.

Skyburner’s Oath (Solar Scout Rifle)

The next seven exotics we’ll be listing in this article are among the best of the best when it comes to dealing with hordes of adds, bosses, and Cabal enemies. While you don’t necessarily need any of these weapons to complete the Leviathan Raid in Destiny 2, they definitely do help out a bit. Still, skill trumps gear, so play with what you’ve got if you don’t have certain items on this list.

The first item on our list is the Skyburner’s Oath, a weapon that was made specifically for the task of destroying Cabal. One of its intrinsic perks, For the Empire, has the Skyburner’s Oath do extra damage against Cabal as well as penetrate Phalanx shields which are invaluable perks to have when facing off against these large aliens.

On top of the extra damage against Cabal, it’s just an overall great weapon. It has solid range, fires high-damage slugs, and does increased damage when you aim down sights. It also handles relatively well, which isn’t a bad thing to have in a weapon, especially one that you’re using for the toughest PvE challenge in the game.

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