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5 Gaming Plot Holes Big Enough You Could Drive a Truck Through Them


5 Gaming Plot Holes Big Enough You Could Drive a Truck Through Them

These stories sprung a leak.

5 Gaming Plot Holes Big Enough You Could Drive a Truck Through Them

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Before anything, it’s worth mentioning that this list will contain huge spoilers for the games talked about. If you’d rather not have anything spoiled, it’s best to turn back now.

There’s a huge amount of amazing games out there these days – many of which tell immense and sprawling stories. Unfortunately, this means that some games have massive plot holes that can at times leave a stain on a masterpiece of a game. This is some of gaming’s biggest, and will contain some pretty major spoilers for Fallout 3, Final Fantasy VII, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Heavy Rain, and the Mass Effect series. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Fallout 3 – Why Couldn’t Fawkes Do It?

Massive Gaming Plot Holes

Starting things out is a plot hole so gaping that it needed to be patched with a later DLC. The final mission of Fallout 3 culminates in you, the player, having to turn on the water purifier that will provide fresh, clean water to everyone in the wastes. Unfortunately, the room inside the purifier contains a lethal dose of radiation that would kill anyone except a mutant quickly upon entering.

It’s a ‘hero’s sacrifice’ sort of ending, and it would be fine if you didn’t have multiple companions with you on your journey who were totally immune to radiation. The most prominent companion is a sane Super Mutant, Fawkes, whom you saved from vault 87, where he’d been trapped for 200 years. So Fawkes, the Super Mutant who is completely immune to all radiation, owes a pretty big debt to you, but what does he say when you ask him to enter the purifier? “We all have our own destinies, and yours culminates here. I would not rob you of that.”

Fawkes’ reasoning is pretty stupid in itself, and is basically the Bethesda telling you that your story needs to end here, dying to a lethal dose of radiation. It’s made more ridiculous in the fact that Fawkes, just a few missions before, happily walks into another (arguably more dangerous) lethal-to-humans dose of radiation to retrieve an item for you.

Bethesda acknowledged this gaping hole with the Broken Steel DLC, which lets you play after the game’s main story concludes. In this DLC, you can get Fawkes to activate the purifier completely safely, and recruit him once more in the post-game.

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