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All Xbox One Video Game Releases for September 2017


All Xbox One Video Game Releases for September 2017

Plenty to play!

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Xbox One Video Game Releases September 2017

(Weeks One & Two: Sept. 4-15)

destiny 2

With August coming to a close, 2017 shifts into the fall and the busiest season for video game releases. Whether you’re an action fan, or just need your next dose of annualized sports fun, you’re sure to find something for you over the next couple of months, so let’s check out what September 2017 has to offer the Xbox One.

The Xbox One doesn’t have a huge number of releases in the first week of September. In fact, it only has one, but that one title just happens to be one of the most anticipated titles of the year, Destiny 2. Bungie’s latest title will have Guardians fighting back against the darkness once more in the form of Commander Ghaul and his imposing Red Legion. Expect more of the social, FPS action fans came to know and love from the first game, but fleshed out in just about every conceivable way.

Things pick up a little more in September’s second week for the Xbox One. Most notably, Dishonored: Death of the Outsider releases Sept. 14, allowing players to close out the main story and step into the shoes of one of fans’ favorite side characters from Dishonored 2, Billie Lurk. Elsewhere, both basketball and hockey fans will get their yearly dose of the pastimes with updated rosters, new features, and the expected tweaks that come with each release. If you’re looking for something a little more tactical, however, you’ll be pleased to hear that XCOM 2’s War of the Chosen DLC also hits the Xbox One in September’s second week.

Here’s everything coming to the Xbox One in the first two weeks of September.

  • Sept. 6 – Destiny 2
  • Sept. 12 – NASCAR Heat 2
  • Sept. 12 – Pro Evolution Soccer 2018
  • Sept. 12 – XCOM 2: War of the Chosen DLC
  • Sept. 14 – Baja: Edge of Control HD
  • Sept. 14 – Dishonored: Death of the Outsider
  • Sept. 15 – NBA Live 18
  • Sept. 15 – NHL 18
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