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How to Download the Destiny 2 PC Beta


How to Download the Destiny 2 PC Beta

How to Download the Destiny 2 PC Beta

The moment Destiny fans have been waiting for is inching closer and closer. Players all over the globe will finally be able to dive into Destiny 2 on September 6 but if you just don’t think you can wait that long, you may want to go ahead and download the Destiny 2 PC Beta. When exactly you’ll be able to play the PC Beta, however, depends on whether or not you want to pre-order the game.

For players who pre-ordered Destiny 2 already, you will have access to the PC Beta starting today. All you’ll have to do is head over and sign in. You should have a code that was issued to you by the retailer you pre-ordered the game from. You’ll need to enter this code at to retrieve your actual Destiny 2 PC Beta download code. If you already completed these steps earlier, you can skip to the final step. Redeem your actual beta download code by logging into your Blizzard account and entering the Destiny 2 Beta code in the Blizzard Shop.

If you decided to skip the pre-order, you can still join the Destiny 2 Beta on August 29. This option will have fewer steps than the previous option but it does mean you’ll have to wait a bit longer to play the game. That might not be a big deal to everybody, but some players would break into a panic at the sheer thought of other players getting a 24 hour head start. If you don’t mind the added wait time, just hold off until tomorrow and download the actual beta code through The beta should now show up as a game in your library.

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