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Agents of Mayhem: Is There Fast Travel?


Agents of Mayhem: Is There Fast Travel?

Teleportation denied.

Is There Fast Travel in Agents of Mayhem?

Agents of Mayhem puts played in an open-world, sandbox-style setting. The game is set in a highly cyberized and futuristic version of Seoul, and as you progress through the story, you’ll unlock tons of optional operations and other side activities to tackle. However, while the world is pretty large in size, there’s no traditional fast travel feature available in the game.

What we mean by this is that you can’t simply open up the game map, select a location, and immediately teleport to it. The only form of fast travel we’ve found in the game is available when you’re in the Ark. From the main console terminal in the Ark, you can choose to travel to any of the various warp points you’ve already unlocked in Seoul. However, once you’re in Seoul, you can’t fast travel between the warp points. Thankfully, traversal in Agents of Mayhem is pretty speedy, and your characters can sprint infinitely. Some of them are even equipped with abilities that let them air dash or wall-climb. You can also summon vehicles to help you get to your destination quickly.

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