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5 Great but Dated Games That Need Remakes


5 Great but Dated Games That Need Remakes

Reliving the classics.

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For as long as video games have existed, there have been millions of virtual experiences had by players all around the world. Developers have crafted evocative titles that have stood the test of time, inspiring us in our daily lives and bringing back fond memories of our childhood. How we’ve played video games has changed, but the reasons behind why we play them remain mostly the same. It’s by this logic, then, that some games should return to the present as remakes.

Seeing as how we’ve grown with games, there are some titles out there that are deserving enough to grow with us. They may not adapt perfectly to modern sensibilities, perhaps not controlling as well or coming off as unappealing to look at when ported as is to current generation hardware. But publishers and developers can make good with reviving fond memories – and make some money while they’re at it, too.

The following is a list of five classic games that deserve the remake treatment, if not for the massive fan followings they’ve accrued over the years, then out of respect for the impact they’ve had on the gaming medium. Each may not hold up performance-wise to today’s standards, making them more worthy of a reintroduction to the market.

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