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Top 10 Best Deals From the PSN Totally Digital Sale


Top 10 Best Deals From the PSN Totally Digital Sale

You’re going to be broke, but it will be so worth it!

Human Flat Fall

 Sale Price: $7.49 / $5.99 (PS Plus)

Human: Fall Flat Stereo Speaker

If you haven’t played Human Flat Fall, the digital PSN sale is your chance to snap it up for an awesome 50% discount. This physics-based puzzler is a real hoot, and its entertaining cooperative mode, “Father and Son” is also brilliant.

Players control a pudgy “human” protagonist, navigating various puzzles across each of its themed levels. Seemingly made of a jelly-like substance, it wobbles around at the slightest disturbance, which adds an amusing dimension to controls.

The game’s muted textures might look monotone at first glance, but they actually come together to make for a super vibrant overall aesthetic. In combination with the game’s whimsical tones, Human Flat Fall is a nice change of pace from the realism and simulation games that comprise so much of the modern gaming catalog. You’re in for an extreme amount of fun playing through the goofy levels of Human Flat Fall.

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