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Top 10 Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps of All Time


Top 10 Best Call of Duty Zombies Maps of All Time

Get ready for CoD: WW2 by playing some older maps.

Kino Der Toten

The Best CoD Zombies Maps of All Time

Kino Der Toten was the first map to be shown off for Call of Duty: Black Ops, and takes place in an abandoned theater. Players will find themselves fighting their way through the lobby, to the seating area, to the backstage, and more. What made this map so cool was the sinister underbelly of the map – on the surface, you were just fighting zombies and upgrading your weapons in the process, but with time you’ll discover a much deeper purpose in this map. Every time you teleport to and from the Pack-A-Punch room, there’s a chance you’ll get teleported to one of three creepy locations – A dentist’s office, a conference room, and a little girl’s room (who many will know as Samantha by now). In these rooms, you can collect film reels which can be played on the theater’s main projector to unveil cryptic testing logs.

Aside from the cool little easter eggs, the map itself is a ton of fun. There are loads of new perks and camping spots for you to hold off against the undead horde – expect yourself to keep coming back to this classic.

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