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3 Overwatch Trophies Way Easier to Nab Since Launch, and 2 That Got More Challenging


3 Overwatch Trophies Way Easier to Nab Since Launch, and 2 That Got More Challenging

Good luck destroying three Teleporters now.

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To get this achievement, you must destroy three of an enemy Symmetra’s Teleporters in a single Quick Play or Competative Overwatch game, and two major changes to Symmetra’s ultimate ability have made The Path Is Closed achievement dang near impossible to get.

The first and less important change is that Symmetra’s Teleporter had its health decreased from 200 to 50, with 350 shields added back in November. This meant that if an attacker found and began damaging the Teleporter but was deterred or killed in the process, it could regain its shields instead of remaining at low health so only a few more bullets would finish the job.

Secondly, and most importantly, during that same November patch Symmetra was the first hero to receive a choice of ultimate, also allowing her to deploy a Shield Generator that grants additional shields to teammates within a certain radius. It turns out the The Path Is Closed achievement will only work if you are destroying three Teleporters in one game, not three Shield Generators or a combination of the two. So for example if you’re on Anubis on attack and the enemy Symmetra is using Teleporters to get her teammates back to Point A as quickly as possible, and you are able to destroy two of those before capturing the point, when she then starts using a Shield Generator to protect Point B (as any good Symmetra would do), tough luck as there’s no chance in you getting the achievement.

It would make a lot more sense for Blizzard to simply adjust this achievement so three of Symmetra’s ultimates have to be destroyed (either Teleporter or Shield Generator), but so far it has remained frustratingly the same.

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