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10 More Video Games Perfect for an Animated Netflix Series


10 More Video Games Perfect for an Animated Netflix Series

So many possibilities.

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Games Perfect For a Netflix Series

Fallout has long seemed like a potential candidate for a TV series or film, especially last year after an impressive fan-made pilot released. The setup of Fallout’s universe, however, is what could really hold potential. The Wasteland of the series holds many stories, ones that you could tell quite easily in an episodic format. Maybe each episode of an animated show focuses completely on a different story from the world of Fallout. The show being on Netflix means you wouldn’t be restricted to 20 minute episodes, and could run closer to 40 minutes for each. Or maybe a whole season focuses on a different traveler going through the Wasteland, with some overarching plot.

There really is some interesting potential that could be tapped into here, and putting the show on Netflix means you don’t have to crack down on any of the trademark violence and mayhem of the Fallout series.

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