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Final Fantasy XIV: How to Beat Palace of the Dead


Final Fantasy XIV: How to Beat Palace of the Dead

Edda awaits.

How to Beat Palace of the Dead in Final Fantasy XIV

Palace of the Dead is a procedurally generated dungeon that’s a great source of experience for all classes, especially DPS players who might not want to have to deal with half hour queues in Final Fantasy XIV’s Duty Finder.

The Palace of the Dead can be unlocked in Gridania, and you only need a level 17 class or Job to access it. Once you have it unlocked, speak to the expedition captain at Quarrymill, and you’re all good to go.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when tackling the Palace of the Dead in Final Fantasy XIV. First, you can only have two save slots for this dungeon, and you have to resume a saved game with the Job you were in when you initially entered. If you want to try the Palace of the Dead as another Job, you can start a new game or delete one of your previous saves. All your Aetherpool stats will carry over.

At the end of each set of ten floors in the Palace of the Dead, you’ll face a boss, and afterwards, you’ll receive a set amount of experience points. The bosses up to level 40 aren’t too bad, but the first hurdle lies on level 50, where you’ll face Edda. The strategy is fairly simple, though it may take some getting used to. She has two AoE attacks: a room-wide one with a safe spot directly underneath her feet, and a smaller one under her feet that you’ll need to run out of. She also has a move called Cold Feet, which you’ll need to turn away from. The rest of the fight is pretty straightforward.

Floors 50 to 90 in Palace of the Dead aren’t too bad, but the boss on 100 will need a bit of strategy. Before reaching level 100, make sure you have at least two Pomanders of Resolution. Use them during the boss fight, and group all of the adds together so you can dispose of them quickly. Letting the add spawns get out of hand can easily cost you the fight.

There are several other bosses past level 100 in the Palace of the Dead, but to get to those floors, you’ll need to clear 51-100 without a single KO.

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