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8 Embarrassing Microtransactions That Were Just Terrible


8 Embarrassing Microtransactions That Were Just Terrible

Our least favorite side of the games industry.

The Saboteur: Flash for Cash

Most Embarrassing Microtransactions

The Saboteur was a rather middling affair that you probably don’t remember very well. For those who can, there were two big takeaways that stuck in the mind: one, the protagonist was a facepalmingly stereotypical Irishman; two, the jarring “flash for cash” bar-scene with a scandalous microtransaction.

In a smoky part of the game’s small French town setting, players find themselves hauled up in a bar full of young lovelies, who are donning some very naughty lace. But these woman of questionable morals are actually good girls — covered up (fairly) appropriately. Boo! Want to see more? No problem, the publisher only asks for a few dollars to see their nipples. Yes, real currency for digital boobies.

An utterly disgraceful microtransaction that should never feature in any video game.

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