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Top 10 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of 2017 So Far


Top 10 Easiest Xbox One Achievements of 2017 So Far

Get that gamerscore!

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Rise and Shine

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Rise and Shine released for the Xbox One back in January and started the year off well when it comes to easy achievements. The 1000G on offer is made up of just 14 achievements (with 700G coming from half of them) and none of them pose much of a challenge. Also, the game takes just three hours to finish, so you’ll be able to rack up the gamerscore in one or two sittings.

You can get gamerscore for things such as getting the perfect score on a mini-game or by completing the Golem puzzle without dying from the laser. Beating the game’s Ironman mode and beating the first boss without taking any damage are tough, but with some practice and some careful planning of attacks, you should have all the achievements in a matter of hours.

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