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7 Key Differences Between Destiny 2 and Its Predecessor


7 Key Differences Between Destiny 2 and Its Predecessor

Slight but powerful.

Weapon System

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Destiny 2’s beta is out and players are able to jump in and try out the next phase of Bungie’s popular shooter. At first glance the sequel looks quite a bit like its predecessor, but once you get your hands on a controller and take a look at the systems that have been put in place, the newness clicks. There are plenty of key differences in this sequel that make it feel like just that, a sequel, rather than something like a glorified expansion. One of the first of those key differences that really stands out in Destiny 2 is how weapons work.

For starters, gone are the Primary, Secondary, and Heavy categories which rigidly decided what combinations of weapons you could take into battle. Thanks to the new categories of Kinetic, Energy, and Power. Since they’re based on ammunition and not actual make of a weapon. This means you can bring two different auto rifles if you want, which isn’t too bad of an idea. Plus, with the new weapon types such as submachine guns and grenade launchers, there are a lot of interesting ways to take apart enemies.

Another new feature, one that wasn’t able to be experimented on during the beta, are mods. So far they show damage, legendary (infusion), and shaders, but even that alone opens up doors for customization and more personalization of your loadout.

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