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5 Best Summer-Themed Events in Video Games of 2017


5 Best Summer-Themed Events in Video Games of 2017

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Elder Scrolls Online – Midyear Mayhem

Every year, the Imperial Priests of St. Alessia commemorate the Whitestrake’s slaughter of elves at the Bridge of Heldon, and this event is held during the summer. It’s a pretty gnarly history, which explains why Elder Scrolls Online’s summer-themed event is centered around PVP.

By participating in the event, ESO players will be able to obtain unique rewards like the Laurel Wreath hat, double Alliance points, PVP equipment, and rare crafting items that can be put to good use. All these bonuses are available in the game’s PVP modes, and players will even be able to earn Midyear Boon Boxes, all of which contain even more unique loot and rare items you’d have a hard time finding elsewhere.

Elder Scrolls Online’s Midyear Mayhem summer event runs from July 20 to July 31.

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