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Watch All of the PlayStation VR E3 2017 Trailers Here

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Watch All of the PlayStation VR E3 2017 Trailers Here

More VR… for better or for worse

As most of us expected, Sony’s E3 press conference dedicated quite a bit of time to showing off its upcoming PlayStation VR titles. While the the reception of the virtual reality games feels mixed at best, there is certainly a hint of potential in most of the five upcoming titles. The trick with VR games is that many of them just don’t seem all that entertaining until you’ve been dropped into that clunky headset and taken to another world. So while a mouse-led adventure or Final Fantasy fishing may not seem like something to get excited about upon first glance, it’s far too soon to count these games out. If you missed any of the PlayStation VR trailers that were revealed during Sony’s press conference, you can easily catch up on the all the virtual fun by watching the videos below.

Star Child

Star Child is a title that is still shrouded in quite a bit of mystery at this point. There are very few answers about what the game actually entails but it’s a sci-fi sidescroller developed by Playful. The game’s reveal didn’t come with a release date but it did give a solid glimpse of the game’s art style. For now, there simply isn’t enough information about Star Child to be excited or to dismiss the title. Only time will tell with this one.

The Inpatient

If you’re looking to take your thrills to the next level, dropping yourself in the middle of The Inpatient just might be one heck of a way to do it. The trailer itself seems eerie enough as it takes viewers through a decrepit asylum. The biggest sign of promise is that it comes from Supermassive Games, the same creators who brought us Until Dawn. The Inpatient essentially feels like a spinoff of the series but we’re hoping it’ll offer its own unique gameplay experience that doesn’t just feel like an offshoot of the main title.

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV

It would be criminal to pretend like Final Fantasy XV didn’t have one of the most downright entertaining fishing experiences offered in modern gaming. If you haven’t experienced fishing inside the main title for yourself, you’ll likely see this trailer and immediately question this game’s value. For anyone who has ever spent hours just fishing away and blowing off actual quests, you can easily understand why the game might have inspired a fishing PlayStation VR spinoff.

Bravo Team

Bravo Team received a pretty short announcement trailer during Sony’s E3 conference but it’s understandable considering the PlayStation VR had so many virtual reality announcements to get to. Sony said they would be focusing on more VR titles and they certainly held up their end of the deal. Bravo Team seems to be a first person shooter but not something as meticulous as your typical shooter. At first glance it certainly feels much more like a pull the trigger first, hope you still have ammo and pray that you hit something kind of deal. Either way, it seems like it could be a great time.


If Moss has nothing else going for it, it has one heck of an adorable lead character. We aren’t sure why this little mouse has set off on a random adventure but we’re happy he did. The game seems like it could actually be a fun time but it’s also hard to see how the VR aspect will truly come into play here. It’s the case with many third person VR titles but fingers crossed that Moss will somehow find a way to really make use of the new technology in a way that doesn’t just feel like another gimmick.

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