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Valkyria Revolution: How to Issue Orders to Party Members


Valkyria Revolution: How to Issue Orders to Party Members

How to Issue Orders in Valkyria Revolution

Although Valkyria Revolution is much more action focused than past games in the series, there’s still a layer of strategy to battles. Revolution allows you to pause the action and use abilities and special attacks with Ragnite, fire your gun, or throw grenades. At the same time, you can also issue orders to your party members to have them attack a certain unit, or use a specific skill. Of course, if you’d prefer you can also just switch to controlling that character by using the D-Pad.

If you want to just control Amleth or one other character, however, orders can be issued by bringing up your battle menu on the triangle button (Y on Xbox). Once you’ve done that, scroll to the icon on the top right of the circle and select it. Now you’ll be able to select which party member you want to issue an order to, and then exactly what you want them to do. Make sure you take advantage of these options to slow combat down, and strategize the actions of your party members.

For more tips and guides on Valkyria Revolution, make sure to check back in with Twinfinite.

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