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Valkyria Revolution: How to Dodge


Valkyria Revolution: How to Dodge

How to Dodge in Valkyria Revolution

Valkyria Revolution changes things up significantly from past entries in the series, especially when it comes to combat. Things are much more action focused this time around, giving you full control of your characters instead of taking turns. To go with that you also have new abilities, like dodging.

Dodging can be essential in Valkyria Revolution, letting you swiftly roll out of the way of an enemy’s attack range. The good news is you can also dodge at any time while your attack gauge is refilling, making it the perfect thing to focus on while you’re waiting for your next attack. To dodge in Valkyria Revolution all you need to do is hit the circle button (or B on Xbox One). This’ll cause your character to enter a dodge roll. If you time dodges correctly you can even avoid enemy attacks that have already started, not to mention get yourself out of enemy’s area-of-effect attacks that pop up on the field. Just make sure you keep dodging in mind, and use it in combination with attacking and guarding to beat your enemies.

For more tips and guides on Valkyria Revolution, make sure to check back in with Twinfinite.

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