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4 Things We Learned About Vampyr at E3 2017


4 Things We Learned About Vampyr at E3 2017

Vampire city.

It’s a Little Bit Souls-y and Witcher-y


From what we saw of Vampyr’s presentation at E3 2017, combat seems to be rather varied. As an action RPG, the game allows you to preform melee attacks as well as cool vampire powers that you can use to teleport and confuse your foes. Vampire powers consume blood power, which is indicated by a red bar on the top left of the screen. These powers can stun foes for a short period of time, or even allow you to perform swift attacks in between combos. It looked similar to Geralt’s own powers in The Witcher 3, and it adds some freshness and variety to the gameplay.

Vampyr’s combat feels a bit Souls-y as well. Beneath your health bar is a stamina bar that dictates how much you can do in the game. Every action costs stamina, and if the bar is completely depleted, you’ll have to wait for it to fill up before you can attack again.

The demo that we saw also featured a boss fight at the end of the level, along with the Souls-like mechanic of having to return to a safe spot to consolidate all of your experience points and level up from there. It’s a nice mesh of gameplay features, and it looks exciting.

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