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Top 15 Best Tekken 7 Characters


Top 15 Best Tekken 7 Characters

The best of the bunch.

Steve Fox

Best Tekken 7 Characters

Steve Fox cannot kick at all. You would think that missing a whole world of attacks would put him at a disadvantage, but he’s actually the top-rated fighter in Tekken 7, and for a very good reason. Steve is a boxer, which means he’s a master at throwing hands, but what many forget is that boxers are also ridiculously good at not getting hit.

Both of the kick buttons become dodges, ducks, spins, and other slippery maneuvers that allow you to constantly set up and punish your opponents with speed and power. There is almost no situation that Steve Fox can’t get out of. He can quickly avoid any Mid-High attacks, and quickly return a jab, straight, hook, or any other powerful blow. Steve is also great for dishing out big combos.

One note is that it does take some time and patience to fully learn him. Sure, he’s quick and powerful, but he isn’t built for button mashing. In the right hands, though, he’s virtually unbeatable.

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