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4 Reasons the Xbox One X Is Worth Every Penny


4 Reasons the Xbox One X Is Worth Every Penny

A worthwhile investment!

True 4K Gaming

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For those looking to experience the very cutting edge of visual fidelity on home consoles then look no further than the Xbox One X. Sony’s PS4 Pro may be capable of offering up 4K resolutions, but these are more often than not upscaled. This means that the system isn’t rendering the games in a native 4K resolution, essentially meaning that some of the detail is lost from the image you see on your screen.

While the difference between upscaled and native 4K is only slight, the step up from the 1080p visuals you’re seeing on your current Xbox One and what the Xbox One X is capable of will be significant, especially when paired with a solid 4K display. With a more powerful CPU running the system, a GPU pushing out more teraflops than the PS4 Pro, and 12GB of RAM, the Xbox One X really is a monster.

It’s not going to match up to the very best gaming PCs that money can buy right now, but for $500, it’s a fair price for the power you’re getting.

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