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4 of the Best Announcements From Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight


4 of the Best Announcements From Nintendo’s E3 Spotlight

Two Metroids!


Nintendo, once again, decided to opt out of having a proper E3 press conference this year. Instead, they put together a 30 minute presentation called Nintendo Spotlight, where they highlighted the 3DS and Switch games that will be coming in 2017. Nintendo managed to also sneak in some announcements for titles that won’t be coming until much later. Let’s take a look back at the presentation to see what the biggest and craziest announcements were.

One of the most surprising announcements that made everyone gasp was the exciting news that Metroid Prime 4 is in development for the Nintendo Switch. What’s even more surprising is that Retro Studios – the team behind the Metroid Prime series – is not developing this sequel for the Switch. But do not worry, because the game is still being developed by a talented new team with a longtime producer who oversaw the past Metroid Prime games. The only other news about the title that was announced is that Metroid Prime 4 will be exclusive for the Switch and that the release date is sometime beyond 2017. Whatever that means.

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