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Harvest Moon Is Coming to the Switch, Here’s 3 Reasons to Be Excited

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Harvest Moon Is Coming to the Switch, Here’s 3 Reasons to Be Excited

The Switch lineup keeps getting better.

Everyone’s favorite farming simulator series Harvest Moon (sorry actual Farm Simulator) is coming to Nintendo Switch with the latest entry, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. During E3 2017, I was able to play through a demo of the game on the Switch itself, which is looking pretty promising so far in terms of offering up a full-fledged Harvest Moon experience on the go.

The game itself ran smoothly, with several areas open to explore including your farm, the town, as well as a beach area compete with lighthouse from which the game gets its name. A mountain section dedicated to mining materials will be available upon release as well, but that wasn’t available in the demo at the time. The character art wasn’t the most impressive, especially when compared to past Harvest Moon titles, but the world itself looked good and was split into a grid-like format to help with choosing areas for farming. New “candy animals” will also be available this time around, with a chicken that can lay chocolate eggs, a brown cow making chocolate milk, and pink sheep with cotton candy wool.

The series is also making its debut on PC with Light of Hope, with a PS4 release also in the works. However, we feel you should be the most excited for its release on the Switch for a variety of reasons that became apparent while playing the demo on Nintendo’s newest console.

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