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Aven Colony: How to Get Nanite


Aven Colony: How to Get Nanite

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Getting Nanite in Aven Colony

Nanite is one of the most important resources you’ll need to manage carefully in Aven Colony. It’s extremely crucial for building new structures and expanding your colony to increase efficiency and population. Early on in the game, you’ll be given various tasks to fulfil, and these will usually reward you with healthy amounts of Nanite. However, as the game goes on the tasks become harder to complete, your supply will gradually shrink if you don’t have other means of keeping it up. Thankfully, you can still stock up on the stuff even without tasks.

A good way to stock up on Nanite is to build mines over metal deposits near your colony. By obtaining metals and minerals, you can then build a Nanite Processor to slowly convert those metals into the resource that you want. If there aren’t any deposits near you, consider building a Research Center so that you can start researching items like Kelko Sludge, which can also be processed into Nanite. Keep in mind that you’ll still need a Mill or a Chemical Plant to actually manufacture these items before they can be processed.

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