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5 Ways Bungie Is Improving Destiny 2 for New Players


5 Ways Bungie Is Improving Destiny 2 for New Players

If you missed it the first time, you might be in luck.

A Clean Slate for Loot

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Yesterday’s Destiny 2 gameplay reveal brought with it a ton of new announcements and details about the upcoming game. Dedicated Guardians are likely counting down the days until they can begin earning loot once more, with the added benefits of new and improved features that are set to bolster the core experience. However, Destiny 2’s gameplay reveal didn’t just bring exciting news for the most committed fans in the community, but for newcomers too. As long as the game delivers on what we were told yesterday, Destiny 2 couldn’t be a more perfect

It’s going to be tough for dedicated Guardians to leave all of their hard-earned loot in the first game, but it’s a necessary step that Bungie needed to take for Destiny 2. In doing so, everyone starts at the same point, preventing a split in the community between newcomers and dedicated players.

It also ensures that those who poured thousands of hours into Destiny 1 don’t spend the first few months dominating the Crucible while everyone else catches up. Sure, there will still be those who, within a matter of days, are running a perfect loadout, but at least it doesn’t put newcomers at a disadvantage from the very start both in terms of gear, and mentally being discouraged from trying as well.

While your gear will remain in Destiny 1, it’ll forever live on in memory. At least you get to bring your Guardian over, anyway!

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