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Prey: How to Repair and Move Turrets


Prey: How to Repair and Move Turrets


As you explore Talos I in Prey, you will come across turrets that will either help you defeat enemies or attack you. When they are on your side they can be very helpful. Thankfully, you can repair them, hack them, and move them to make them as effective as possible.

Moving turrets is simple. When you approach a friendly turret some options will appear and the top one will say carry. Simply press Square/X to pick it up. You can then either press the same button again to drop it or R2/RT to throw it. You will have to re-deploy it by holding the carry button once you have placed it back down.

Repairing turrets isn’t as simple, especially in the earlier parts of Prey. If a turret can be fortified or is in need of repair, you will be notified when near it. Press Triangle/Y to repair or fortify it and it will be back to helping you. However, you need to have unlocked specific Neuromods to repair turrets – Repair II is needed to repair and Repair III is needed for fortification. They can be unlocked in the Neuromods section of the menu once you have collected enough Neuromods.

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