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NBA Playgrounds: How to Unlock More Playgrounds


NBA Playgrounds: How to Unlock More Playgrounds

Just don’t become a playground bully.

How to Unlock More Playgrounds in NBA Playgrounds

When you first start up NBA Playgrounds, you’ll be asked to play an exhibition match. However, you’ll soon see that the only available court is the New York playground. You’ll notice that there other cities to play in, such as Tokyo, but you won’t be able to access them just yet. Don’t worry, though; all of these new courts will be unlocked as you complete the single-player tournaments.

After completing your first exhibition match, you’ll unlock the tournament mode. The first tournament takes place on the New York playground, but the one after that takes place in Tokyo. All you have to do is beat the first tournament and become the champion, and then proceed to play in the second tournament. Once you unlock the second tournament, the game will inform you that the Tokyo playground is now available, and you’ll be able to select it whenever you get into exhibition matches. Simply continue up the ladder and keep beating those tournaments to unlock even more playgrounds to mess around with in the game. Soon, you’ll be able to travel around the world with your leading basketball duo.

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