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Is Farpoint Coming to PC?


Is Farpoint Coming to PC?

Farpoint on PC

Farpoint, the new virtual reality shooter from Impulse Gear, is out this week for PlayStation VR on the PlayStation 4, but is it coming to PC?

Unfortunately for those of you who were hoping to pick the game up for Vive or Oculus, or as a non-VR title on PC, it is very unlikely that you’ll ever be able to. The game is being published by Sony and they very rarely allow their exclusive games to be released on other platforms. Farpoint is a first-person shooter that sees you set off on a perilous journey into a hostile alien environment when unfortunate events cause you to search for a way home.

The game’s relationship with Sony’s PlayStation VR Aim Controller may also stop it from making its way to PC. While the game can be played without it, the new peripheral is a key selling point for the game and much of the marketing has been centred around the pair. It is Sony’s flagship PSVR shooter that they hope will sell the Aim Controller and make it a successful enough venture to be implemented into other games.

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