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Darksiders 3: Everything You Need to Know


Darksiders 3: Everything You Need to Know

Everything we know so far.

You Play as the Horsewoman Fury

darksiders 3

The first two Darksiders games put players in control of War and Death, two brothers who fought valiantly against the forces of evil to save the world from destruction, but all is not finished. It’s time for their sister, Fury, to step in and do a bit of butt-kicking on her own. And, of course, she has her own unique playstyle as well.

Fury is a mage that uses a bladed whip to deal damage and control the battlefield. Her magic abilities even allow her to change forms which will likely be a major part of exploration and world traversal. It’s unclear just how many forms she’ll be able to take just yet, and how different they are from her base form, but it is an interesting concept seeing as how her brothers relied on specific items and mounts to get around. Seeing an entirely new action and combat system in play will most certainly make this sequel stand out from its predecessors.

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