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The Top 8 Fastest Selling Nintendo Consoles Ever in the US


The Top 8 Fastest Selling Nintendo Consoles Ever in the US

Looking back at how Switch’s early commercial success compares to consoles gone-by.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Nintendo Switch

After weeks of proudly touting record-breaking sales by Nintendo’s latest console, the big N has finally posted concrete data certifying the Switch’s impressive commercial performance. NPD has confirmed March as being the first month since October 2016 that the PS4’s streak on top of the charts has been broken.

After the underwhelming performance of the company’s previous home console, the Wii U, the Switch appears to have rebuilt momentum and steadied the ship, at least for now. It should be noted that the Switch’s strong early sales do not guarantee its prolonged success moving forward. The Wii U itself had a decent early showing, only to peter out after the initial rush of early adopters.

We’re looking back on Nintendo’s console launch history, crunching the numbers to discover how the Switch compares to some its best selling hardware.

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