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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: How to Change Bullet Type


Sniper Ghost Warrior 3: How to Change Bullet Type

Change Bullet Type in Sniper Ghost Warrior 3

In Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, players will want to use every piece of equipment to gain an advantage against their foes. One of the more important concepts to embrace and understand is how and when to use the various different bullet types offered to players. There are a variety of choices including armor piercing rounds, explosive rounds, tracer rounds, and ones that lure enemies. To acquire these you will need to construct them at workbenches in the various safe rooms first.

Once you have them, all you’ll need to do is hold down right on the D-pad for both PlayStation 4 or Xbox One to bring up the wheel full of your different types of ammo. Then, simply highlight which you want and it will be automatically equipped for you to use. However, given that this can be a bit time consuming, we recommend changing your ammo before an engagement starts. Fiddling with your bullet type mid-fight can be tricky as there is no hot swap button that lets you just cycle through them without the wheel. Being prepared is always important, but don’t be afraid to mix and match ammo during a fight to ensure you always have the upper hand against your enemies.

For more guides, walkthroughs, and tips make sure to visit our Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 wiki.

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