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Snake Pass: How to Climb


Snake Pass: How to Climb


Snake Pass, the platformer that see you take full control of a snake, is out now and people are beginning to play through it. The game is described as a puzzle platformer, but the puzzles are often geared more around the movement of your character than any environmental problems.

Climbing some obstacles can be frustrating but if you approach them in a cautious and considered way, you will have very few issues. The best thing to do is study the thing you are about to climb and plan your attack. If you rush into things, you’ll fall off very quickly. Snake Pass’ unruly camera may make that a problem at times, but you should always attempt to play your route.

The other thing to do is to utilize the grip button (the left trigger). It allows you to stay in control of your climb and use the strength of Noodle’s whole body to push himself upwards. It is best to take it slow and stay in control that to rush you ascent and fall to your death.

It can be tough to get used to but climbing is the true puzzle aspect of Snake Pass and it is the best part of the game. Stick to these tips and you’ll have no problems.

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